Model-Based Engineering and Construction Processes Efficiently Implemented in Real Estate Projects

‘Better to plan in the office than on the construction site with an excavator shovel’ Dipl.-Eng. Detlev Kraneis, a construction engineer from Leverkusen, sees himself as a partner in project planning, site management and supervision, besides working as an appraiser and advising clients on buying or building their own properties. To offer his customers a top-quality, modern service, one of his main concerns is energy- efficient construction and energy consultancy.

Using thermographs, he detects sources of heat loss in buildings and manufacturing defects. Throughout his career he has always been quick to embrace business trends, enlarging his portfolio of services accordingly. This is also reflected in the way he integrates the latest information technology in his daily work. End-to-end construction process and project management based on a 5D construction model helps him work particularly efficiently.

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In 2009, Detlev Kraneis introduced RIB’s new 5D software solution iTWO, which is becoming more and more popular among Europe’s leading construction companies as well.

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